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Salem, NH Exchange Club
2015 Freedom Shrine Scholarship 
Salem, NH Library Exchange Club Freedom Shrine

Show your knowledge of the American History

So you think you know the history of the United States? You know how history impacts your life and you would like to show the rest of the world? (OK, the Greater Salem, NH area) Maybe you'd like to express your knowledge and interest in the history of the United States and why you are a proud (or maybe not?) resident of the United States of America?


Well then,  show off your knowledge and you might be able to increase your college fund !

The Work to be done:

The Reward

Go to the Exchange Club Freedom Shrine Website http://www.freedomshrine.com . On the Freedom Shrine Website you find a collection of 32 historic documents. Each one of those documents made an impact on the history of the United States of America  

Choose one document from the list and produce a video, audio, PowerPoint or piece of artwork that expresses how your selected historical document has impacted your life and how you, as an individual, can relate to its meaning.


Upload criteria – Acceptable media

In order to be considered for this scholarship, all applications must be uploaded to Facebook, no later than April 30, 2015

Acceptable entry mediums:

  • Video (2 minute max.)
  • Audio recording (2 min. max)
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Photo of your art work - a painting, drawing, collage, etc.

The applicant’s name and the document they chose for reflection must be include in final upload to the Salem Exchange Club’s fan page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Exchange-Club-of-Salem-NH/253327618515

All applicants will be requested to sign a waiver to provide the right to the Salem Exchange club to use the entry for promotional purposes. Applicants also agree that the Salem Exchange Club can release the names of the winners of the scholarship program.

Eligible students:

Scholarships will be determined within one month of the application deadline and High school seniors currently attending the following New Hampshire schools are welcome to apply:

  • Salem High School
  • Pinkerton High School
  • Pelham High School
  • Windham High School
  • Timberlane High School
  • Home schooled students in this area
  • Senior High School Students attending private schools in this area
  • or who have a parent that works in Salem, NH

The award for the 2015 Scholarship will be in the amount of $1000.00. The runner up will receive $500.00. Scholarship funds will be sent directly to the winner’s selected college or university to be put towards the recipient’s tuition.  

Judgement criteria

Entries will be judged on uniqueness, creativity, overall theme, utilization of selected medium, as well as clarity of message.  The jury consists out a mixed group of active Greater Salem residents, who are all current or past members of the Salem Exchange Club.

Please connect with us, through our contact form on our website with any questions or concerns!

Freedom Shrine: What it is all about

Developed by the National Exchange Club, the Freedom Shrine originated from the Freedom Train that toured the nation in 1947 carrying an exhibit of historic documents.

The purpose of the Freedom Shrine is twofold. It puts before young Americans proof that the freedom and greatness we enjoy today were not purchased easily and reminds them that these gifts must be cherished and protected.

Painstakingly researched to guarantee absolute authenticity, the 32 historical American documents that comprise the Shrine were carefully chosen to exemplify the beginnings of our nation and those subsequent turning points of importance which shaped our national character and eminence.

The documents of the Shrine, although culled from the past, represent foundation stones which permit the present, as we know it, to exist and the future, as we dream it, to be attainable.

Download the entry form here!

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