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The Salem Exchange Club meets every Thursday, from 12 Noon to 1:00 PM - Blackwater Grill Restaurant   43 Pelham Rd., Salem, NH

Next Poker Event: 

Wed., December 16th   
2:45 PM -Midnight 

Upcoming Speakers  and events: 

October Directors Mtg.    

Wed. Oct. 7th
At Avatar Properties  


Do you know of a need in the community or a potential guest speaker?

Let us know through our  Contact page  on this site!


Officers for 2015-2016: 


Pres. Richard Morway  

Pres-Elect: John Croteau

Past Pres. Nicole Shepley

Stephanie Daniels  
Kerianne Periera

(thru 6/30/16) 
Kevin McKinnon 
Gary Wang
Brad Segal

(thru 6/30/17)
Denise Puleo
Cristen Eustice 
Larry Seaman


Past Presidents Night Fun:  
Check Out Bobble Boys
Salem Exchange Club Bobble Heads Thumbnail

Exchange Club of Salem Presents Lazarus House with $2000 check
Exchange Club of Salem, NH Immediate Past President, Nicole Shepley (R) presented Lazarus House with two checks totaling $3,000.
The $2,000 being presented in this photo was earmarked for the Lazarus House Jobs/Career Training program and the third thousand was donated to send under priviledged kids to summer camp -- an experience many of us take for granted and these kids would never have a chance to do if not for nice folks like this sharing their good fortune.

Newest Freedom Shrine

At Canobie Lake Park!

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Next Poker Event:
Wed., December 16th  
2:45 PM - Midnite 

Tuesday., January 19th  2:45-Midnite
Friday, March 4th  1:45-Midnite
Sunday, April 10th  Noon-Midnite
Monday., May 16th 2:45-Midnite
Wed., August 3rd 2:45-Midnite
Sat., June 25th  Noon-1:00 AM
Sunday, Sept. 11th  Noon-Midnite
Thurs., October 6th  1:45-Midnite


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